zondag 26 februari 2012

Collagebox #3

From the peaces I took from the collagebox I made a little book. I really enjoyed making it.
The front cover:

The inside of the frontcover:
The backcover:
The spine:

Lawendula, thank you for hosting this great collagebox!

Collagebox #2

Now I took peaces out of the collagebox and I had to put some peaces back into it:

Some peaces are hard to see on the picture, but I love them all.

Collagebox #1

A while ago I joined Lawendula's 4th collagbox swap on her paper-swap blog. It's the first time for me to join a swap. In december I received a beautiful box filled with all kind of snippets. We had to take 12 peaces out of the box and put 12 peaces back into it.
These are the peaces I took out of the box: